We offer a new cutting edge more natural-looking stone.  Which offers not only a new trendy look but also allows more varieties in the way that you can use it. With the multidimensional edges of each stone, it locks in place and will not wash away. The colors, shapes, and textures can be mesmerizing each time noticing a new unique characteristic of the differences in this stone.  There is turquoise, shiny black, dark gray with white striations, burgundy, golden, pink with white: all with a metallic sheen that is present when wet with rain or general watering.

We Deliver any quantity small or large, 2 Yard Minimum Required, & Please Call for Prices on 22-ton Loads 

Monday-Friday:  8 AM to 5 PM

Saturday:             8 AM to 12 PM

Holidays:             Closed


CHAPIN, SC 29036

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