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We have tried for years and spent hundreds of dollars to get a vegetable garden to produce... many soils, amenities, different plants and got not much of anything. This winter we put in a new bed. My husband went to Original Landscape (where I have purchased about 12 loads of crush n run in the last 3 years!). He got a load of their top soil. We put in a few winter veggies and wow they grew!!! We got more soil for 2 more beds. We have a bumper crop of everything we put in! We will actually have beautiful tomatoes this year... all kinds of veggies and a few flowers!!!

I recently found out that they work with Clemson to get a good soil and mix it themselves! I can't say enough about OLS!!!!!!!! And we think their prices are good, better than a few other places we checked out for crush n run!

Kate Vos




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