Crush and run is ideal for driveways, carports, parking pads and is also a great base for paver patios or any type of project that is in need of a compacted, hard base. It is a mixture of granite stones consisting of #57 stone and granite stone dust, also known as screenings. This allows you to have an inexpensive way of filling in potholes or muddy spots on your propertty or job site.  Unlike other materials used for driveways, you can pave or pour concrete over crush and run as well. The crushed stones feature jagged and irregular edges, which enables the aggregate pieces to better bind together, and  the stone dust particles work to fill any voids. The crush and run compacts so that it adheres together and becomes a semi-solid unit that will not shift or move.  


Prices are subject to change if fuel surcharge increases

Crush and Run